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hey u!! yes u, the one reading this probaly cuz u have nothing better to do, whats up? you know you actually anserw that in a comment you know? i like reading comments! its kinda cool to find out about people, and where there from! but anyways, by now your probaly wondering why i called this post talent, well, cuz my school has a talent show comeing up and im kinda freakin out about it!!! o well, atleast i dont have to sing alone…. yes, i am singing (whh00000) me and bowinkle are singing a song called alice underground by avril lavigne:) ever heard of it? its from the new version of alice in wonderland, which i yet to see and sooo want to! and i also have to sing another song, this one i am soooo not lookin forward to doing!!! ever heard of the movie grease? well, theres this song called summer nights on there, and i happen to have, ( I AM BEING FORCED ) to sing it with tony (a kid in my class who i rather punch in the face then sing with) but yeah… o well…. thats all i gotta say for now, i will blog at ya later!!


what has the world come to?!

what the hell is wrong with our world?! do we not have morals anymore????!!!!!! WHATS WRONG WITH US!!! your probaly asking yourself by now what the hell i’m talking about, well, the world has officaly gone insane!! if u still dont no, go here to find out more, then tell me what u think about it plz!!! cuz i think its sooooo worng!! but im not gunna say any more cuz then it will give it away, but ughhhh!!!! ITS SO WRONG!!!

hey whats up? if your reading this you must wanna no something, or just have a good laugh, or maybe your just bored. i figured that. well, why do i write these random posts you may be asking yourself, well, i write them cuz i get bored ouutta my mind! yupp, thats why. i just write the random things that seem to poop in my head, like during a math test how you think of ponies? yupp, thats what its like. right now im so post to be printing something or something, i think im done, i think atleast! lol 🙂 but yeah….. this is kinda random, but does anyone shop at vallue village? i do 🙂 same with bowinkle, theeres nothing wrong with shopping there, they have awsome clothes and you dont have to pay 15$ for one shirt, instead like, 2-4$ yupp, for the same shirt! the amazing tights im wearing right now (witch are SILVER) i got there, plus i got my cape there (im in full super hero mode right now) yupp!!!! its just a awsome store:) but anyways…. hmmm…. bowinkles sitting beside me writing down ideads for her book (witch is awsome!!!) i love it!! i wanna read more 🙂 but yeah… hmmmm…. what else 🙁 i can think of anything!! :'( wait, bouncy bouncy, bouncy 😀 theres a bow with cool springy things in my hair aswell 🙂 i wonder what the teachers think of me…. probaly along the lines of “wow, shes so werid!” but, hey, i think everyone thinks that! I LIKE BEING WERID CUZ WERID=FUNN!!!

well, i got to go:)

bye people!!!!

***luv sparks****

chilly or hot?

i had a question left for me to anserw… i found it a lil funny because, well, ya, the question was, during the summer, is canada chilly or hot? well, u wondering wonders, it is hot!!! like, i wanna stay in the pool and never come out!! canada is kinda funny that way, our winters are sooooo cold, but our summmers are sooo hot!!! so i hope that anserws your question!!


luvs u!!

 ******* (=^.^=)sparks(=^.^=)********

lovers u (whoevers reading this)

hey there people!! guess what?! i am sooooo bored!!!  atm, i am sitting here, supposed to be writing a book reveiw on hatchet, such fun!! its just that i haven’t finished it yet so… its a ok book, full of adventure! anyways… i guess i should make this post funny now… hmmm…. well bowinkle streaked her hair blond!! i think it looks amazing on her!! btw, i might put blue, yes blue in my hair!!!!  its only gunna be wash out and i might not be able to but it would be epic!! if i do i would die underneath and at the ends! i wanna do it sooooo bad!! I’m gunna beg my mom and beg her and beg her and beg her!! i will be all like, mommy, lease, mommy, mommy, mommy, please, please, please, please, please, and she’ll be all like, please what and i’ll be like, will u let me please, and she’ll be all like, just tell me what u want! money girl? do u want money? do u want a puppy? Cruz were not getting a puppy, and i (wait, its 11:11, make a wish!! i wish for a pony…. again)  as i was saying, and i will be all like, do u love me, and she’ll be yes just tell me what u want and i’ll be like, so u love me?! yay!! (talk really fast here) i love u to, and why do you always think i want something? maybe i dont want something, well, that’s a lie, because i kinda do want something and I’m hoping you’ll let me… i wanna put blue in my hair and before you freak out it will be washout so it wont stay forever, so can i? and she”l be all like, i’ll think about it, yeah, that’s actually be how the conversation will go… ahahahah… me and my mom are actually ALOT alike, but im more amazinger, yes I’m more amazinger then all of you! why?! cause i made that word up!! amazinger!!! ahahahahahahhahahaa!!! yes, im just that cool!  but yupp!! still sitting here, still being bored, still writing random stuff that comes to my mind…. I’m gunna do something random… hmm….   ahahhahahaha!!! OK, that was random, caron was talking to caza and i slapped him, he looked at me  with this hilariousness shocked face, it was a you had to be there moment!! hahahahahahahahaha!!! but yeah… hmm… grr… todays only monday.. ahhhh!!! well, what to do tonight…  o yeah, i have badmition, (whooo!! such fun!! NOT!!)  it is like the most boringest sport ever!! o well, i guess it’s what you make of it right? i have to do mixed doubles, witch means i have to have a guy as a partner!!! and i have no clue who!! o well, ill blog at you later cause i have ta go…

see y”all later!!

***luv sparks******

to let you know

to let all of you readers know, i might put my challenges as a page because last times i added some pics it screwed things up, so if you cant find it on the main page, look for it in my pages! which should be in this —–> direction, look, look, keep looking, move your mouse up, and then click!!! told yya, its easy to find it:] but thats all i got to tell you for now…. like i said, for now

tatata!!! peace out home peeps (get it, ur on my home page, lol! i no its not funny)

a favor

hey people, will u do me a favor? great, thxs:) ok, so when u leave a comment on my blog it would be awsome if u could leave ur blog address so i can check urs out. it would be cool to see who my readers are! but thanks alot! i hope you all enjoy my blog and feel free to leave a comment f u havent already, its nice to hear from u! i no this is really short, but i dont know what else to say. so bye people!!!!

luv edie (aka sparks)

p.s, yeah, edie is my real name, its a lil werid, but hey, so am i!!!

march break………… :]

yaaay whoooo, its mmarch break!!! *sighs* its only sunday and im already bored out of my mind!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! im trying to think of things i can do this week….. hmmm…. heres some of my ideas

hang with friends: i miss them already, hopefuly i can

build something: hmmm….. i made a paper castel the other day, next, the villagex] gunna try to fill the liveing room with it!! O.o dont think my mom would be happy tho….

invent something yummy: high ho, high ho, off to the kitchen i go! with a spoon and a mask, lets see what i can make!!!

make up a song: <—- might prove difficult…. ill try

make up a really cool dance to a song: idk what song tho…..

cut my hair?: maybe, maybe not

high 5 a 100 people in walmart!: that would b fun…. must get hand sanatizer first tho!

thats it for now…. ill try to think of more things, and ill let you know how those ones go ^^^^^ but anyways, that should livein this ever so dead week up….. hmmm….. i wonder what my moms thinkin, shes reading this as i type it….. probaly something like “wow…… r u crazy?! how r u my daughter?! *laughs and smiles* yupp, i told ya she was thinkin that, fyi, I AM NOT CRAZY!!!! IF YOU THINK I AM… YOUR THE CRAZY ONE!!!!! x] yup, u wish u were this cool!

but, i have nothing else to say atm, so byess!!!

*runs away like a airplain* vroooom!!! *jumps really high in the air* wheeeeeee ima bird!!!!!!


french… ugh

ugh, sitting here, compltely bored, in french. yet again i find myself questioning why we have to do this insane subject, like really?! i dont know one person who likes it, and what do we learn from it? why cant we do something… easier? personaly, spanish is much better… but anyway.. thats just what i think. as i sit here, im trying to think of something to write about…. hmmm….. oooo…. pretty lightsx] wait, ewww…. grrr…. go away!!! just leave me alone!!! why do you have to sit near me?! *moves her chair away* hisssssss!!!! *glares* (im not crazy, i just dont like that kid) *looks around* hehe… but yet again, anyways…….. hmmmm…. *looks over* i wonder what bowinkles doing, looks fun, oooo… pretty….. *hears something* hmmm? *looks over* o, just people being idiots. wow, haha, i would have bit you to!!!! baaaahaaaahaaa!!!! wait… no…. he probaly tastes gross…. rockets tastes good tho… to bad i get bit her… i will later… im getting hungry talking about biteing people….. ya, i no thats werid. *eyes go big* pretty!!!! omg, its so pretty!!! with cool shapes and flower lookin things, and poka dots and ooo….. its pretty… i wish you could see!! *looks at it* pretty *smiles and goes back to actin werid* omg, a lepardcon!!!! omfg!!!! hehe, lucky charms…. yummm…… yay, i just got a hug from him!!! to bad he has no gold… i think.


but anyway, it high time i go back to work, see ya’ll later!!!

luv sparks



so there is this ”blog challenge” going on. when i saw it i was like ooooooooo sparkels;) but then im like, wth, why not? so i have singed myself up and am ready to roll!! so here it goes

challenge number 1 (ooooo, ahhhhh)

so the post is sopost to be about why people should visit my blog, and how my posts are intresting. so here it is…. (drum role plz) i think people should visit my blog because i think its funny and entertaining, youve got to admitt that youve lol’d at atleast ONE of my posts. why is it interesting? because it shows what a crazy sarcastic person i can be, with blogging i can be whoever i wanna be, so im just gunna be a lil more crazier then usal (if its possible) and if all you other bloggers wanna compete against me, go here , but make sure you sign yourself up first!!!

love you all

come back for more